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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Breeze Live: Polling Pod

The polling pod is a great little addition to the meeting room. It's a sinch to set up, and a great way of adding a bit of democracy to your remote love-in. I've taken some screenshots of the pod from the presenter's perspective.

Creating polls is very easy. You can have multi-choice radio buttons or check boxen. Then you literally just key in the answers, each separated by a line break.


Once the poll is up and running you can see how many people have voted and what the results are in real time. The broadcast option lets you choose whether or not the other participants in the room also get to see the results. For example, you might choose to broadcast results only once you have closed the poll.


Presenters get to see who voted for what. But other room participants only get to see the anonymous totals.


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